Q : What is the recommended height for Jasion EB5 Electric Bike?

A : The recommended height for the riders is from 5'4'' to 6'4''.

Q : Does the EB5 electric bike have a USB port to charge phone?

A : Yes, the EB5 ebike has a USB charging port on the battery. You can charge your phone at any time when you needed.

Q : Is the bike pedal assist, full throttle or both?

A : Hello, the EB5 electric bike supports 4 modes: pedal assist mode, pure electric mode, pedal mode and booster mode.

Q : Does this ebike have a taillight?

A : Yes, the EB5 electric bike comes with a taillight. It is removable, rechargeable and adjustable.

Q : Do I need to assemble my EB5 ebike? Will it be difficult?

A : The EB5 electric bike is 85% assembled. We have made a detailed assembly video on the Amazon detail page, and detailed assembly steps on the attached user manual, please check them.